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(Please note that Rathgic is in its "beginning stages" but I find it useful to provide what Rathgic is generally about, at this time. While I have done years of homework and supporting experiments,and reread the following many times .... and usually change something minor every time! .... I hope the basic flow of them has no reason to be changed .... I hope! But I find the door never closes on any "learning process even of workable knowledge."
And it is my personal belief that my job description ENDS .... with presenting the information. What others do with it .... is up to them. But, the fact the someone else chose to write a book "earlier" than mine has nothing to do with the .... merits or not... of what I may write .... which stand or fall on their own merits .... not what someone else wrote that is different. However, it is my personal choice to spend the time to understand why what others wrote became different than what I wrote and why it occurred.)

Please also note: I am well aware of the contents of this page being very different than traditional intellectual thought embeded in hundreds of years of "politically correct " peer review. And as such, it may appear to you, at first glance to be an "Arrogance problem" on my part. My definition of which is "assuming powers you do not have and/or assuming it is reasonable and appropriate to write on the subjects contained herein. I CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT THAT APPEARANCE!! They are a different approach to the point, that there is seldom anyway to reconcile them with what has been considered politically correct for a long time. Including 1500 years of the intellectual community insisting to the point of killing those that disagreed as late as the 1500's, that all the stars rotate around the piddly earth. There is no reason for them to do so! Or most to even know that the earth exist. . And its current counterpart, that huge fantasy size Black Holes exist that compress everything to a very small size and are so dense that gravity can not escape. It can be easily shown that the unopposed gravity force of any sphere is greatest at the surface .... becomes equal between inward gravity forces and those above it in the opposite direction at about 70% of the radius from the center .... and thereafter, as one goes further inward .... the outward forces become more and more than the inward forces .... until at the center .... where every you look outward ....at any point there is always a similar point in the opposite direction on the same diameter line at the same distance exerting an equal force in the opposite direction .... resulting in the FACT THAT AT THE CENTER OF ANY SPHERE .... of more or less uniform density .... the internal pressures .... now all outward, and themselves nullified each other and no particular pressure gravity pressure exist! Not to mention, that the politically correct gravity formula .... for decrease in gravity force with distance .... is obviously wrong but the intellectual world, universally sees no reason to doubt its correctness. But then the intellectual community also thinks Isaac Newton's "Law" that for every force there is created an equal opposite force .... is also obviously wrong. Where it true, then motion would not be possible, for every time you started your car's "force machine" it would be met .... he says by an equal and opposite force! Like drug use, I can do nothing about that. Both are the choice of others not me. I can only suggest that if you want far more consistent accurate and workable conclusions .... Rathgic can be a great help. It is what made these new ways of workable thought apparent to me.


The purpose of RATHGIC AND THIS SITE is to provide a focus point for those that come to understand and believe that all livings things, and human's in particular, were born into a reality of the universe that over billions of years of filtering .... what works and what doesn't .... is a collection of forces and relationships far more powerful that any that human's are likely to produce. and by that definition will, almost, if not always, prevail.

Humans, world wide, experience these Reality forces and relationships EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. And it is this common experience, that all share, that binds humans, otherwise free .... together in a common responsibility:

Humans, world wide, have NO PRACTICAL CHOICE but to seek to be in "sync" with reality .... if they want to succeed in moving from where they are at(point A) .... to where they chose to want to go or have happen(point B).

To that end RATHGIC is, among other things a tool box of SEARCH TOOLS designed to identify those aspects of Realty that are relevant to meeting the aforesaid responsibility .... if we want to succeed. So that when we then create the processes, and means to get to point B we are far quicker, efficient and reliable in producing a WORKABLE result .... a basic threshold key of which is to be aware of .... so we can be in sync with .... the REALITY RELATIONSHIPS we can do nothing about.

And I suggest that lack of this awareness is an obvious primary cause of failure by well intentioned humans who perceive their views as workable and might be except that they are inconsistent with a Reality we can do nothing about ....that will prevail. This is, perhaps the essence and meaningful creation of the words "common sense" without realizing that they refer to the common reality we all experience we can do nothing about that is common to us all. And in fact, having been confronted with these key meaningful Relationships in my Rathgic journey I have created a Rathgic punctuation mark the indicates that to understand what surrounds them ...."speed reading" won't work. These "marks" give notice of and time for the brain to find and index how multiple relationships depend for their real meaning and character by the relationships between all of them.


(Admittedly this may be the ultimate exercise of arrogance but it seems to me that in terms of organization of information it is helpful to start at the most basic level one is likely to encounter.It's purpose is to be useful and minimize confusion.
If it does fine .... if not, we will try something else.) And these observations admittedly, for purposes of the Rathgic model may be called RATHGIC FOUNDATION ASSUMPTIONS. To be useful, they must be extremely few in number. They exist, I suggest, because it is the inherent nature of human thought and communication that one must start with a few basic assumptions, that all voluntarily agree to, within a particular society, that are the basic building blocks of the communication language and the voluntary agreement and understanding of what we choose words to generally mean that differentiate one word from another. And it must never be forgotten, that they are assumptions with some reason to be made ...tho hopefully seldom does a reason arise to challenge these assumptions so long as they are workable. If it does arise, then obviously the rathgic model must pause and reconsider and formally redecide what the BASIC AGREED ASSUMPTIONS ARE. For inherently, they must seem appropriate to all that find the Rathgic model useful and practical.

I suggest we start with a slate with nothing and no preconceived ideas whatsoever. (Or questions for that matter!)
No time, no distance, no boundaries, no reason for anything, etc. More specifically that time and distance did not exist and DO NOT EXIST. Both only have meaning in the presence of TWO OR MORE objects, energy or their parts .... which then give meaning to distance and time .... Whether that space be the physical space or the time space between two things that do not occur at the same time. In which, at times, the "distance traveled during a specific time period .... between it's physical position at the start time and it's position at the end time also give the terms useful meaning.

The importance of this distinction is not just semantic. Rather, as a practical matter: it is because inherently .... there is nothing beyond these descriptions in the reality of the environment into which we were born .... and therefore nothing about these two concepts to consider beyond these limits. Consistent with the above observations .... were there anything beyond, then it would be one of the two classes of reality entities .... OBJECTS OR ENERGY

More specifically, it means that questions like: "When was our environment first created?" or "How long will it last?" are meaningless; in the sense that considering them will produce nothing but an illusion of knowledge that does not exist. More generally, simply putting the word "what" or "why" at the beginning of a sentence does not necessarily mean, that is a meaningful question that could be answered. Nor possibly any reason to try.

NOTE HOWEVER:that if someone does formulate words in the form of a question .... one should always deal with that reality that they see it as a question. It's just that "dealing with it" does not necessarily mean always seeking an answer for it. The classic relevance of this premise is, for example: that parents, who have their innocent child die of disease may understandably ask "Why did this happen to my child?" They may, indeed,need our support. But providing an answer to a set of words that is not an answerable question, is by that characteristic of it, by definition, a false unhelpful answer.

From these assumption we can then look around us and note what we do observe?:

1. We were born into a UNIVERSE environment, a part of which is the earth sphere we stand on.

And I suggest then, that as a practical matter, we consider the basic resources and characteristics of the earth environment as the BASIC UNDERSTOOD FRAME OF REFERENCE, we can do nothing about. THAT HOWEVER, does not then include excluding that any other planet may have some different compelling realities that create a different frame of reference at least in part. For example, Our life on earth requires, approximately, that the earth remain, within limits, its present distance from the sun. And much of that reality applies at whatever distance two universe bodies may have in relationship to each other. But there is no reason to believe, that within much larger limits, some other forms of life could not evolve and adapt to those changes. Not unlike, when life left a water environment to exist mainly on land we adapted to having oxygen available from a gas environment and lost the ability to extract it from a water environment.

2. We can observe there are numerous entities around us that have 3 dimensional borders THAT TOTALLY ENCLOSE THE ENTITY and keep it together. For Rathgic purposes we will label them OBJECTS and each object takes in unique characteristics from that which is contained within these boundaries that define its "individual existence" And indeed, sub-parts have their own "sub-boundaries! And further it appears that each object takes up its own physical space. And two objects each with their own boundaries .... then.... can not occupy the same space. We refer to that as its dimensions. But note the inherent characteristic: These dimensions .... refer ONLY to the physical characteristics of that OBJECT .... and do not refer to anything out side the object.

3. We also feel the warmth of the sun, but the feeling (by our senses) is not visually observable. More generally this unseen sensing mechanism allows us to become aware of several entities by manifestations of their existence that our sense can non-visually detect. They have been given the over all label of ENERGY entities. And more specifically, the types of energy, observed, have been given the sub-category labels: GRAVITY, MAGNETISM, LIGHT, SOUND, and RADIATION.

4. It seems a reasonable assumption that a specific energy unit tends to radiates outward from the source OBJECT that that created it. And that after leaving its creative source then each has its own own energy boundary. This is to be distinguished from the force per unit of area in which huge numbers of these individual energy units then radiate outward.,

5. There seems ample evidence that some of these entities have existed for huge periods of time intervals(billions of years) .... while other changes occur over intervals of micro parts of a second.

6. These entities have some characteristics in common:

  1. Internally their component parts have motion. (examples are that some have a wave action motion and others may vary in physical motion of internal parts that manifest it's self in terms of the temperature of the object).
  2. Externally they are all capable of motion through space.
  3. Objects are all capable, however, also of being in a state of no motion relative to space. And obviously what ever the way in which motion is created ....it is created at the sub atomic level.
  4. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if we come to understand; that Objects are Energy of some component parts that somehow have taken on the form of a circle or sphere that meets it's self; and therefore needs no boundaries!(Perhaps that is the essence of what we call protons in the center of an atom?) Indeed, the Magnetic type of energy seems to manifest itself in this way.
  5. Energy forms that seem to radiate outward from their source in all spherical directions .... however .... and the "group" of energy units then gets spread over continuously larger areas with continually less force capable of being applied in any given size area of interaction. And the workable calculation of the rate of decrease, as accurately as possible may be absolutely necessary in many areas of their operation.
  6. We also can observe, however, that if the energy passes through some types of objects, at least two possibilities exist: The energy may pass through other objects that have some transparent qualities and in some cases, like lenses can be refocused and its expanded area made smaller or even larger. And second, it may be absorbed into the reality of the object it enters and lose the characteristics that gave it, it's original unique characteristics.
  7. AND at some point in the billions of years of development of reality a NEW SUB-CLASS of object entities began to be created that have been labeled as LIVING ENTITIES. And with regard to humans it may be fair to say .... from a relative perspective point of view ....that at least on earth the human state .... simply by the size of its brain and capabilities, if nothing else .... has, in the big picture.... capabilities that far exceed any other living entity ,in our basic frame of reference of the earth. But again, we note that that may not be the case in other planet living objects environments.
  8. it seems important to NOTE .... that the evolution of living things, INCLUDING HUMANS seem obviously to be created from the basic resources of Reality, in existence, BEFORE THE LIVING ENTITY FORM EVOLVED. AND THEREFORE, there is no reason to not believe that living things ARE SUBJECT TO THE SAME COMMON REALITY, set forth above in the purpose of the Rathgic site.
  9. And although living entities require several sources of specialize reality objects and a limited temperature range .... among other things then available on a non lighted planet, most likely that is within a range similar to our earth and our sun. However, given the millions of stars and likely companion unlighted planets .... I suggest there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO ask the question "is their life on other "earths". There is nothing unique about the location of our earth with our central star or reason why it couldn't be duplicated elsewhere. And I will add just as a footnote to be described more fully latter .... That the KEY DIFFERENCE between living things and all other objects (in the reality environment) is that LIVING THINGS ARE "PURPOSE ORIENTATED .... as can be seen in the boundary that encompasses the simplest cell upwards that: it's sub purpose is to physically define unique boundary of that cell .... and .... that within that cell it has not only is own sub-purpose but may well be one of many sub-parts that constitute the independent "object" in total and therefore also as part of its purpose is designed with the other needs of the "whole object design" that it serves.

7. And I suggest that the three categories: NOTHING(space), OBJECTS (with its sub-catagory of "LIVINGS THINGS") , and ENERGY provide an integrated base upon which all rational knowledge can be indexed, organized and related together.

As part of the category of living things is the huge area of workable creative entities with purpose created by humans and others .... that otherwise would have no reason to be created by reality. The difference however, is Reality deals with total awareness. By definition, humans can not possibly be consciously aware of all that reality is aware of, except in the simplest of concepts and perhaps not even then. It is Rathgic's purpose, to significantly increase awareness of the relevant realities that will play their role, whether we acknowledge them or not.

Obviously, the prime assumption of Rathgic that human's have no choice but to be in sync with the Reality into which all humans were born world wide has been present and governs us, since the start of our evolution, whether humans have been aware of it and/or articulated it.

That does not mean, however, that humans can not also experience the illusion of success short term only that be definition Reality grinds with the sands of time, exceedingly small over time that which is not in sync with it. Reality isn't a "supervisor" of what humans do. It simply merges things .... all things relevant to a situation .... as the relative characteristics determine in the merger process.

As an example: long standing orbits are the result of the respective forces of the earth and the sun (the inherent perpendicular tangent speed of the earth and the inherent huge gravity force of the sun, in relationship to that of the earth, always being a bit out of sync. But the reality also of the feedback "in sync" charactistics of both allow the out of sync temporary situation, to reverse itself before it gets to the limits of its corrective action.

One can anticipate then, that the key to long term success IS NOT EQUALITY. Rather it is the combination of individual forces that are approximately in sync and can work together .... and .... and .... and A RELATIONSHIP THAT INCLUDES FEEDBACK CAPABILITIES OF BOTH .... that in FACT CAN MOTIVATE BOTH ....to adjust to reverse the limited "out of sync" temporary condition that almost always exist .... to create a zig zag pattern across a middle workable norm.

So, if equality is not essential to the big picture reality forces, then should it be the "be all and end all" standard for Humans? I leave the answer to you. Rathgic "search" processes are specifically designed to accomplish the following for practical, efficient, reasons for a high degree of long term success:

  1. To find and be aware of any Reality FORCES that are relative to workable result.
  2. To find FEEDBACK FORCES related to these Reality Forces.
  3. Then to search for creative solutions .... consistent with what we can do nothing about that will allow us to move from A to B successfully, long term.
  4. Rather than expect equality .... most likely look for our own FEEDBACK characteristics that we can build into our desired system .... to provide the adjustment within limits .... that we as humans have as well as reality.


    An example: The sun provides our necessary heat and light energy. But its light bulb comes on at sunrise and turns off at sunset each day every day forever! But our light bulbs we have designed come on when we want them to, day or night. Forever. But how forever? Because we also designed the feedback system to have available "extra light bulbs" readily available that can replace our creation ie: non permanent light bulbs! The basic wiring system last for a life time. And we also create the research systems to provide more efficient and less costly replacements. And it works .... world wide just like reality does. Well, almost.

    There is one difference. Reality is 100% reliable .... not right or wrong .... not within the "moral standards" humans create for themselves .... just reliable. In fact, one can note that it is these patterns of reliability that much of human knowledge to be accumulated.

    Because it is aware of ALL RELEVANT FORCES AND RELATIONSHIPS PRESENT IN A GIVEN SITUATION .... and takes them into account. Those that can merge do so. If they can not, then things are changed, perhaps violent to create new entities that move away from each other and go their own way into space. What is amazing is that in reality that is an alternative that seldom happens. Usually if a feedback relationship doesn't develop between large objects they simply pass each other by and go on their own path.

    And it usually happens among large objects because gravity is the least powerful of forces. And as they get closer, the ANGLE OF APPLICATION of gravity force, (so far not taken into account by the intellectual community, among many others) becomes less and less effective after passing the tangent point of application .... and each then just goes on its own way based primarily on its own mass times its own speed force.

    I suggest its only when the mass is relatively small, like that of a meteorite, that the gravity force of the much larger object prevails and continually draws it closer and closer.... As the meteorite's mass times its speed is no match, what ever the angle of application of it is with the meteorite.

    And it is why orbits of large objects in space only occur between a large central force and much smaller orbiting bodies. (The assertion of "binary orbits" existing by equal masses, by the intellectual community to the contrary, not withstanding) not being possible for the same reason.

    And looking ahead, I will mention that it is also obvious and can be easily shown .... that the very long term intellectual assertion of a workable computation of the gravity force itself .... is patently unworkable on its face. But, they don't see it. And this inability to see reality is the reason they created the explanation of Black Holes .... for distant computations of gravity at long distances that were inconsistent with what they perceived they "observed"!

    For the moment, I will publish the above. I am also very interested in other's views of what I have presented. However, the "internet" means of comments numbering in the thousands .... neither you or I have the time to deal with them if present in the form most of them take. I am working on finding an effective alternative, but not close to a solution. You may write to me and I will allocate some time each week to whatever pile accumulates during that week. I see no choice, at the moment, but then to store them and start next week with an empty box, for the moment. But that may not be a problem. I'm very aware, having practiced law for 40 years .... that humans, in general, place learning something different from what they perceive to be true, as very low on their priority list. In fact, it is one of the questions that motivated me to undertake what turned out to be RATHGIC. Why, time and again did two clients, each with their own attorney .... look at the EXACT SAME REALITY, and yet each not only insist their version is workable .... but each doesn't have a clue as to what the other "sees" that is unworkable in their own position. Not unlike the 2016 Presidential Election, by both parties!